Frequently Asked Questions

Does the student need to be in the room when the cookies arrive?

Answer:  When placing the order, we collect the cell phone number of the recipient of the cookies.  It is most helpful to us if this person is at the delivery location when we text that cell phone number upon arrival to make the delivery.   When ordering from this web-site, you get to pick the date and time-slot of the delivery in hour-long blocks (between 8pm and 1am), so this eliminates confusion.




Do the cookies contain nuts?

Answer:  The Macadamia Nut cookie contains nuts.  The chocolate chip cookie and the M&M cookie do not contain nuts, but may contain traces of nuts as they are freshly baked in the same facility.  The T-shirts definitely do not contain nuts – – – we recommend clothing as a safe purchase in all scenarios, as the social-status of the recipient will increase.



Do you make any gluten-free cookies?

Answer:  Not yet, but we have received some good recipes from a number of parents and are experimenting before coming out with a final product.